Lea (LV 60) hiding from a LV 80 moth boss
Autumn's Genesis – Inferno

Starting this July 1st at 11 AM PDT, the CrossCode: Autumn's Genesis mod Master Trial Score Attack Event will begin! This event lasts until September 1st at 11 PM PDT, so there will be plenty of time for prospective entrants to join!

The focus of this event will be scoring as high as possible as in the rounds of the challenging Master Trials cup that the mod adds to the in-game Arena, and everybody is welcome to try the mod out and participate! The top 3 ranked entrants and one randomly selected entrant among the others will be able to contribute their idea!

Quick Installation Instructions

Before installing and playing the mod, it is HIGHLY advised that you backup any saves you want to keep after going back to modless CrossCode gameplay. To do that, you can press F10 inside any saved game you have to open up a menu where you can export the currently saved game as savestrings you can keep somewhere safe or import existing saved games into your save slots. You can also open this menu up in CrossCode's title screen.

Once you done with backing all the saves you want, download this quick installation ZIP and drop the contents inside into your CrossCode installation (which should be a folder with files named "nwjs" and "package.json"), merging file directories whenever prompted. This method works as long as you have a DRM-free installation of CrossCode (sorry, Microsoft Store users).

If you see the CCLoader loading bar appear upon starting CrossCode, and then are greeted by a different title theme and logo from usual, that means that everything works!

Entering the Event

To participate in the event:

  • Join the Autumn's Genesis Discord server.
  • Go to the Master Trials category.
  • Submit full recordings of whichever rounds of the Master Trials cup you wish to tackle! More details on what can be and can't be in those recordings can be found inside in the #score-attack-rules channel on the server.

The invite link to the Autumn's Genesis Discord server is: https://discord.gg/h6h3yvM. Ask @Bakafish#0001 there if you have any inquiries about the event or mod.