A new foundation for c2dl.info

The date is May 6th. The world has gone berserk due to a virus. But today, the first part of the new CCDirectLink Website goes live.

This website is meant to be a place for the CrossCode community, owned and operated by that same community. It's meant to be your one-stop shop for finding mods or tools for CrossCode, as well as an easy way to discuss its modding standards and follow community projects. And today, the first step towards this goal has been taken.

This website is built on Laravel. Keanu designed it, and it was implemented and hosted by streetclaw.

Our road-map for the future is the following:

  • Login, registration and user management implemented (In Progress)
  • Mod- and tool-management moved to the website
  • Standard documentation hosted on the website

The code for this website, like all C2DL-Projects on GitHub, are managed by our GitHub Organisation. This website is meant to be just one of the many interesting collaborative projects, from the members of the organization. I want to end my section with a thank-you to Radical Fish Games for creating this amazing game and all this grate people in the CrossCode community.

The end of a chapter, and the start of a new one

16/6/2019, for me, was the day it all started. I was, as usual, bored out of my mind. Normally, I'd have taken a walk or something, but on that day something else popped up in my mind. Recently, I had been playing around with HTML-- and so I figured it was a good idea to find a way to prove myself in the skill. I started a project with the intent to make a better version of the existing c2dl.info. I asked 2767mr for help with setting up hosting, and it went quite smoothly after that: in about 15–20 minutes, we were set. I started off my improvements with some little tricks I had learned, but later realized that the website I had written probably would need an entirely new coat of paint. On that same day, Nnubes256 sent me a message informing me of the existence of c2dl.info. I told him that I was already aware of this, and we eventually came to the decision to merge the two projects.

We've come a long way since then. After months of work, the improved c2dl.info is ready to be deployed-- this new-new coat of paint has finally arrived! This website is, from this point on, designed to look and feel like a hub where people can keep track of projects and easily find what they need. I've been looking forward to this release for a while, and I hope that everyone can enjoy what I've helped create.

I'd like to thank Radical Fish Games for creating CrossCode. I don't know where we'd be without this game. I also want to thank everyone who has joined me on this journey for their support and help. Thank you!